We like to keep our website looking as fresh as our produce, so take a look at what’s happening at Ribble Farm Fare HQ.

Easter Opening Hours 2019

Please find below our Easter opening hours: Thursday 18th April as normal Good Friday 19th April till 12 noon Saturday 20th April as...

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Latest European Weather Affecting Crop Yield

As you may have seen recently on the news and weather channels, there has been extreme weather conditions across Europe. With snow hitting Greece and the rest of 'sunny' Europe this extreme weather is only to get worse. Weather stations are...

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Christmas & New Year Opening Hours 2018/19

Please find below our Christmas and New Year opening hours for 2018/19: Friday 21st December...Open as Normal Saturday 22nd December...Open as Normal Sunday 23rd December...Open as Normal Monday 24th December...

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Vegetable Availability

The past few months have caused one of the worst droughts in 60 years. The extremely high temperatures have caused many problems for our local farmers due to the evaporation rate causing significant irrigation problems. Water supplies are low and...

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Farm Visits with E-Foods

During April, we had a visit from two members of the E-Foods team. With local produce at the heart of our company we decided to take them a tour of some of the local farms we get our produce from. Our first stop was at Rimmer’s...

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Easter Opening Hours 2018

Please find below our Easter opening hours for 2018: Thursday 29th March as normal Friday 30th March till 12 noon Saturday 31st March as normal Easter Sunday 1st April...

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Special Discount on Online Ordering

A new addition to the team at Ribble Farm Fare is our online ordering system which has been catered to your needs. This can be found here our web site. The system features a full product range with prices and provides preview images of the...

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Ribble Farm Fare Sponsoring Obsession

Ribble Farm have been proud to sponsor Obsession at Northcote for the past four years, and have experienced wonderful culinary evenings with famous chefs such as:- 2017 ....Gareth Ward from Ynshir. Powys Wales. 2016 ....Lisa Allen from Northcote...

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