Ribble Farm Fare Sponsoring Obsession

Ribble Farm have been proud to sponsor Obsession at Northcote for the past four years, and have experienced wonderful culinary evenings with famous chefs such as:-

2017 ….Gareth Ward from Ynshir. Powys Wales.
2016 ….Lisa Allen from Northcote along with Chantelle Nicholson from Marcus Wareings restaurant, London.
2015…. Martin Klein from Hotel Ikarus, Hanger 7 in Saltzburg, Austria.
2014…. Michael Wignall from the Gidleigh Park.

Spoil yourselves in 2018, each night you will see a different world-renowned guest chef take on the local produce from Ribble Farm Fare to create something truly out-of-this-world.

It’s always an absolutely phenomenal event, so if you’re planning a stay away, be sure to book into the Northcote for some culinary masterpieces like you’ve never experienced!