Carbon Footprint

Since 1964

Many things have changed since we began in 1964, one of those being the global response to climate change.

Here at Ribble Farm Fare we actively work to ensure that we reduce our carbon footprint whether it be through our procurement, production or deliveries.

Sourcing Locally

One of our main strategies we use to reduce our carbon footprint is to source locally. This allows us to collect from the local farms on the way back to base after our deliveries. By doing this we reduce excess vehicle mileage and contribution to emissions. Our transport team work hard to ensure that the most efficient routes are planned for each delivery run.

This not only helps us to improve delivery times but it prevents us from clocking up excess mileage and thereby reducing our carbon footprint.

Green Scheme Box Collection

As of 2018 we started our Green Scheme Box Collection initiative. We ensured that by buying high quality boxes that were easy to store we could work with our customers to collect and reuse our boxes, reducing waste. These boxes are sourced locally and are collected by our drivers on return to base. We have also looked closely at the packaging of our produce and where possible we have replaced plastic by reduced material netting or if possible no single-use packaging at all.

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